About Zeena Walls


Hi! My name is Zeena and welcome to my site! Here, I can share with you tips, recipes and videos on how to start a successful fitness journey that is uniquely your own. In addition to helping with nutrition, I also offer in-person and online training, complete with accountability groups and occasional challenges.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Connecting with Others

My goal is to promote the importance of fitness and how much fun it can be. I want people to know that you do not have to be a professional athlete to be fit. With the right knowledge and motivation, anyone can achieve their fitness goals. I have worked one on one with clients for many years and I am eager to share my knowledge with others outside of my geographic location.

Lets Journey Together

This journey is a new chapter for me...

After working in chain, private, home and university gyms as well a few parks, I took a break from heavy lifting to find myself in other ways. I gradated from the University of Pittsburgh and I traveled across the world leaving behind the comforts of home, meal prepping and weight lifting. From being a live in au pair  in New Zealand to training clients on the beaches of Australia, I worked unique jobs to support my nomadic experiences while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I learned how to practice healthy living on a shoe string budget from anywhere in the world. From city gyms to dairy farms to rain forest, I learned how to work with my surrounding and still see results. Eating for fuel and working out on the go can be simple if you are dedicated. 


Now, I am back in the states and ready for the next step in MY fitness journey. I want to lead people to overall good health! I will work US hard but not to the point where we want to quit. My style is effective without being overly restrictive and extreme. Join me on this adventure while I continue to transform myself and others to be the best we can possibly be!